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2020 ITER Awards Ceremony
Video Credit: ITER Organization. Link to full ITER Video

Cryostat Manufacturing and Production Team won the
ITER First-of-a-Kind Component Team Award 2020
At the First ITER Virtual End of the Year Celebrations

Congratulations to the ITER Cryostat Team!!

About Cryostat: ITER Cryostat is an in-kind contribution from India. It is a 30 m tall and 30 m diameter outer vacuum shell of the ITER machine to insulate the machine and its components. It is a 54 piece puzzle manufactured by M/s L&T Hazira under the guidance of the Cryostat project team, ITER-India. Manufacturing was done partly in Hazira and later assembled in a workshop at the ITER site.

Key technologies include:

Welding across different thickness, ranging from 20mm to 200mm and ensuring dimensional control within 0.3% tolerance

Special handling of large pieces ~ 100 Tons each, development of dual operator technique to control distortion in T welds and special Hot wire TIG welding for heavy thickness 

Weld inspection by Ultrasonic method for thick welds

About ITER Cryostat Team: The team is led by Sh. Anil Bhardwaj, he was the Project Manager for Cryostat in ITER-India, IPR before joining ITER in 2015. Apart from Sh. Anil, there are several Indian members in the team. Collaboration manifested between the teams in ITER and ITER-India, IPR and M/s L&T with its sub-contractors to manufacture and successfully install the first two gigantic parts in the Tokamak pit precisely matching the estimates is exemplary.

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Video Credit : ITER Organization, France

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